Zelf Diagnose

Zelf Diagnose

Countless conversations I’ve had with this maiden in my mirror
I look her in the eye and see nothing but fear
I ask her ‘What is it you want from me? And please, be sincere’
But all she does is stare
And I swear I see the grim reaper having coffee in her two eyes

Then a tear finally escapes and I’m not surprised
I stare as it trickles down to her bare chest
I contemplate offering a helping hand, but know she will protest

The tear continues its travel, more South and South it goes
toward a sacred, ancient temple, one that
has caused oh so many woes

This temple consists of stories;
tragic, romantic and even interrogatories!

Many have tried to travel there at night
but a number would stop in complete fright
at the sight of the bushes protecting it from sunlight

As one knows, rain is needed for any bush to grow, and so
Maiden tells me as day by day goes by
Nobody is welcome here, Kanea, only this tear, you and I

— Kanea Blokland, 2019